Bloggin - Blogging and Portfolio WordPress Theme


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Bloggin is a responsive blogging and portfolio WordPress theme.

All Features

Full post format support including audio player through MediaElement.js
Responsive design so it looks great across all sized devices.
Portfolio section with isotope filterable gallery and single portfolio post design.
Theme Options to easily setup your theme (view screenshots to see options available).
Shortcodes integration through the free Simnor Shortcodes plugin.
No bloated code, everything nicely commented and organised ready for developers.
Widget Ready footer area.  


Support is provided via the support forum over at Simnor Labs where you can also find the documentation and knowledge base articles.  


Lato font from Google Web Fonts:
Isotope: We have a valid developer license.
PrettyPhoto Lightbox:
Font Awesome icon font:
Zocial icon set through the fontello icon font generator:
Portfolio images are from PlaceIt: you can create your own images there.
Blog post images are from Burning Well:  


= 1.3 =
* style.css Fixed URL comments field that became unstyled in WP 3.6 release
* style.css Fixed comment name that changed styling in WP 3.6 release
* style.css Added active state on menu icon when menu displayed by default
* header.php Added active state on menu icon when menu displayed by default
* includes/theme-arrays.php Added No Font option to fonts array
* includes/theme-functions.php Added No Font option to not display CSS for font when No Font selected
* includes/theme-functions.php Added comment author link to colour CSS = 1.2 =
* parts/pagination.php Fixed typo
* includes/admin/admin-functions.php Added $pagenow variable to activation code
* archive.php Fixed formatting issue
* index.php Fixed formatting issue
* search.php Fixed formatting issue
* ADDED FILE: js/jquery-mobile.js
* functions.php Enqueued jquery-mobile.js
* js/script.js Added functionality to swipe to change images in gallery on touch devices
* js/script.js Set search to hide when clicking on menu icon on mobile
* css/responsive.css Fixed menu showing on smaller devices when menu set to show by default
= 1.1 =
* content-gallery.php: Fixed gallery order issue.
* css/responsive.css: Fixed colour of heading on single posts on mobile view.
* includes/admin/theme-post-meta.php: Added label to video link and embed fields to notify user that they need to upload a featured image for the placeholder image.
* page.php: Added featured image functionality to page.
* style.css: Added .post-top .post-header class.
* header.php: Added ability to set menu to show on page load.
* includes/admin/theme-options.php: Added option to set menu to show on page load.
* style.css: Added #site-header .menu class.
* ADDED FILE: content-general.php: Added a general single template for things like attachments and unused post types.
* single.php: Added final else statement to bring in content-general for any other post type other than post and portfolio. = 1.0 =
* First release. We are sure after from the success installation from this item Bloggin - Blogging and Portfolio WordPress Theme to your website you will be very satisfied