Contact Form Slider for WordPress

Animated Contact Form with multiple contacts and unlimited contact forms. Contact Form Slider ensures a professional system to get in touch with your customers

One more item on on this category. Animated Contact Form with multiple contacts and unlimited contact forms. Contact Form Slider ensures a professional system to get in touch with your customers easily. You can highly customize the entire form with optional image, description and social links, also possible to send different auto-reply message for each contacts or set it globally. The plugins provides you will never lose any message, just set the logging on and the emails will be saved, then you can read them directly on your WordPress admin area. Check out the Demo Page: WordPress Contact Form Slider

Main Features

  • Display as Global or use Multiple Contact Forms with Shortcodes
  • Provides Total Customization with Shortcodes as well
  • Enable or Disable Sending Copy to the Customer
  • Attractive Animation when you Change the Target Contact(Subject)
  • Unlimited Contacts, Unlimited Contact Forms
  • Animated Instant Validation
  • Automatically Preload the Contact’s Images
  • Option to Hide Contact’s Photos
  • Ajax-Based Contact Form, Works without Reloading the Page
  • Four Different Captcha Modes: Image, Math, Hidden Field or Disabled
  • Option to do not Display on Mobiles
  • Custom Vertical Position
  • Upload your Own Contact Icon
  • Ability to Reverse the Contact Form’s Header (Change the Photo and Titles Order)
  • Light and Dark Styles
  • Minimal and Default Skins
  • Contains the Original and a Minified jQuery File.
  • Usable HTML Template/Tags in Auto-Reply Messages
  • 10 Unique Photo Styles
  • Customize Contacts’ Order with Shortcodes
  • Disable Photo’s Border Color or use the RGB Color Picker to set
  • Shake and HeartBeat Icon animations with Custom Shake Animation Time
  • 9 Social Icons, Active or Passive Status, Auto-Reply Message and Additional Custom Parameters for Contacts
  • Global Auto-Reply or Set Different Ones for Each Contacts
  • Joker Tags to dynamically include Client’s Name, Message, Email Address, Subject to the Auto-Reply Message
  • Enable or Disable Detailed Logging
  • Logs Contains All Informations about the Contact Form Activity including Status (Success or Failed), Sender and Recipient Informations, Messages, Autoreply and More
  • With Inline/Flat Style Include it to the Content as an Integrated Contact Form.
  • Ability to Open, Close, Hide, Show the Contact Form Slider with Clicking on a Link
  • Responsive, Mobile Friendly
  • Ability to Lock the Screen with a Dark, Transparent Background
  • Fixed Slider Positions
  • Optional Automatic Slide-In when the Visitor Reach the Bottom of the Page
  • Enable or Disable the Close Icon
  • 10 Different Open/Close Easing Animations
  • Translation-Ready, Contains a Simple Custom, Built-In Translator and also Supports WPML (Standard WordPress Localization)
  • Select the Direction of the Slider (Left or Right)
  • Option to Auto-Open the Slider just once for each Visitors
  • Unlocks Screen and Close the Slider with Clicking on the Background
  • Hide/Show the Contact Icon
  • Adjustable Transparency
  • Three Different Icon Sizes
  • Detailed Documentation
  • Contact’s Images on the demo website is not the part of the plugin, you can download it from the links you can find in the Credits.


    Version 1.1
  • added option to set font family (Google Fonts)
  • added option to set name font size
  • added option to set title font size
  • added option to set description font size
  • added option to set fields font size
  • added option to set button font size
  • updated documentation

  • Credits

    I owe a big thank you for the following websites and people:
  • jQuery
  • Photos by Steve Wilson,Frank Kovalchek and Michael Coté
  • WordPress & jQuery Plugins
  • We are sure after from the success installation from this item Contact Form Slider for WordPress to your website you will be very satisfied