INTEGRITY – PSD Modern and well structured, Integrity is a great choice for businesses needing a good looking, professional web presence.   &nbs

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Modern and well structured, Integrity is a great choice for businesses needing a good looking, professional web presence.

                                                                    42 FULL LAYERED PSDs No matter what you want in your design, Integrity has it! From multiple homes, 5 different sliders, about us, about me, services, portfolios, blog to pricing, testimonials, 404 page and all kind of elements + a very clean woocommerce design. 5 DIFFERENT SLIDERS Sliders are the first interaction of your visitors with your website. Don’t let them have a wrong impression and impress them with this 5 sliders. MENU and MEGA MENU More information, less information, you got it covered by Integrity menu styles. Find the menu style that suits you best! WOOCOMMERCE DESIGN Inegrity comes with 11 woocommerce pages layouts. The clean and modern design allow you to present your products in front of your customers. WELL ORGANISED The well organised and fully layered PSD files make it very easy to work with the design. ELITE AUTHOR All the experience and knowledge acquired while working towards reaching elite author status has been put in the template. Rest assured that you are receiving a top quality product and support for it!

PSD Template full feature list

  • 42 Full Layered PSD Files
    1. 01_homepage_v1
    2. 01_homepage_v2
    3. 01_homepage_v3
    4. 01_homepage_v4
    5. 01_homepage_v5
    6. 01_homepage_v6
    7. 01_homepage_v6_green
    8. 01_homepage_v6_orange
    9. 01_homepage_v6_yellow
    10. 01_homepage_with_mega_menu
    11. 01_homepage_with_sticky_menu
    12. 02_about_me
    13. 02_about_us
    14. 03_services
    15. 03_services_inner
    16. 04_portfolio
    17. 04_portfolio_inner
    18. 05_blog
    19. 05_blog_inner
    20. 06_contact
    21. 07_woocommerce_01_homepage
    22. 07_woocommerce_02_homepage_cart
    23. 07_woocommerce_03_category
    24. 07_woocommerce_04_product_page
    25. 07_woocommerce_05_billing_step_1
    26. 07_woocommerce_06_payment_step_2
    27. 07_woocommerce_07_account_step_3
    28. 07_woocommerce_08_order_step_4
    29. 07_woocommerce_09_login_register
    30. 07_woocommerce_10_shopping_cart
    31. 07_woocommerce_11_contact
    32. 08_404_error
    33. 09_shortcodes_accordions
    34. 10_shortcodes_clients
    35. 11_shortcodes_custom_list
    36. 12_shortcodes_icon_boxes
    37. 13_shortcodes_our_team
    38. 14_shortcodes_parallax
    39. 15_shortcodes_pricing
    40. 16_shortcodes_progress_bars_pie_chart
    41. 17_shortcodes_tabs
    42. 18_shortcodes_widgets
  • Grid Layout (1170 px)
  • Creative and Clean Design
  • 5 different sliders
  • 11 woocommerce pages layouts
  • Pixel Perfect
  • 404 page
  • 10 shortcodes pages
  • Mega menu and sticky menu design
  • Color schemes
  • Documentation included
  • Fully Customizable
  • Google Fonts Used
  • Well organized layers
  • And many more

  • Credits

  • Open Sans – (
  • PT Sans – (
  • Images All images from the preview can be found on,, and and have licenses that allow us to use them in the template preview. The download package contains placeholders. Icons This template uses icons from „icon pack for ios 7” from

    Help requests / template support

    If you need support, please send me an email using the contact form on my user page. I usually respond to support requests within 48 hours on weekdays. Support request sent during weekends/holidays will be processed on Monday/the next business day. We are sure after from the success installation from this item INTEGRITY - PSD to your website you will be very satisfied