Newave - Wordpress Responsive One Page Parallax

Newave is the perfect one page parallax WordPress theme for corporate, agency, photography or general business. 6 Home Sections, Background Video Support, Paral

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Newave is the perfect one page parallax WordPress theme for corporate, agency, photography or general business. 6 Home Sections, Background Video Support, Parallax Slider, Fullscreen slider, Ultra-responsive, 4 Navigation styles, customizable backgrounds(colors,images or patterns), Font Awesome icons and many more super-awesome features to keep you busy & satisfied.
  • Endless possibilites – With the advanced styling customization features, you can create endless possibilities by changing navigation styles, backgrounds for each section with colors, images or patterns.

  • Ultra Responsive – Newave is 100% responsive, each and every element including the awesome slider are fully responsive.

  • Parallax Sections – Newave is built using Parallax javascript. This enables to make your site more appealing and creative. It’s also very easy to use.

  • Custom Backgrounds – Newave allows you to set a custom background for each section. A super-quick way to get creative with your site. Parallax sections makes your page more beautiful.

  • 5 Color Skins – Newave includes 5 color skin verisons. You can create new one very easy in admin theme option

  • 4 Header versions – Newave includes 4 header verisons. You can customize each of them very easy.

  • 5 Home Section versions – Home section with background pattern and text slider, Home section with fullscreen slider and animated captions, Amazing Home section with parallax slider and animated captions, Home section with parallax image and text slider, Home section with background video and text slider

  • Isotope Portfolio – We create a fullwidth 4 colums portfolio, that never breaks rows. Always display properly. We guarantee this!

  • Project Ajax Normal Expander – Includes a slider and HTML content. It also supportss media like youtube, vimeo, etc.

  • Project Ajax FullScreen Expander – Include a fullscreen slider with slide captions. Very nice for photography

  • Working Contact Form – The elements of the contact form is perfectly styled and very easy to customize it.

  • Font Awesome Integration – We include over 240+ Icon font integration. You can use these icons via shortcodes in any page. You can customize the size,color,type of the icon.

  • Browser Compatability – This template supports all the major browsers including IE9+, Chrome, Safari, Firefox.

  • Clean Code – The code is well written using the best resources available and also all the files are well commented to make your work much easier.

  • Documentation – We include the detailed documentation on how to use the theme and it’s features. Plus you can always submit a ticket at our help desk if you have any queries.

  • v. 1.2 – 14 March 2014 CHANGES 1.2 ------------NEW FEATURES------------ - New! Home section with static content and background slider - New! Team members shortcode with carousel - New! Radial counters - New! Portfolio thumbnails sliding hover effect - New! Services boxes with carousel - New! Testimonials slider - New! Map style with overlay content - New! Footer style - fixed at hidden at bottom - New! Separate pop up gallery for each project - New! Contact details carousel ------------BUG FIXES------------ - Header version 4 for external pages - CSS Improvements for input fields - Minor CSS fixes ------------MODIFIED & NEW FILES ADDED------------ newave-theme/admin/functions/functions.options.php newave-theme/admin/assets/js/options.js newave-theme/components/metaboxes/page_options_contact.php newave-theme/components/shortcodes/shortcode_definitions.php newave-theme/components/shortcodes/shortcodes.js newave-theme/components/shortcodes/shortcodes_popup/js/shortcodes_popup.js newave-theme/css/colors/color-blue.css newave-theme/css/colors/color-custom.css.template newave-theme/css/colors/color-gray.css newave-theme/css/colors/color-green.css newave-theme/css/colors/color-red.css newave-theme/css/colors/color-yellow.css newave-theme/css/navigation-style-1.css newave-theme/css/navigation-style-2.css newave-theme/css/navigation-style-3.css newave-theme/css/navigation-style-4.css newave-theme/footer.php newave-theme/functions.php newave-theme/images/show_map.png newave-theme/images/social_icons/behance_white.png newave-theme/images/social_icons/deviantart_white.png newave-theme/images/social_icons/dribble_white.png newave-theme/images/social_icons/facebook_white.png newave-theme/images/social_icons/flickr_white.png newave-theme/images/social_icons/google_white.png newave-theme/images/social_icons/instagram_white.png newave-theme/images/social_icons/lastfm_white.png newave-theme/images/social_icons/linkedin_white.png newave-theme/images/social_icons/picasa_white.png newave-theme/images/social_icons/pinterest_white.png newave-theme/images/social_icons/rss_white.png newave-theme/images/social_icons/skype_white.png newave-theme/images/social_icons/stumble_white.png newave-theme/images/social_icons/twitter_white.png newave-theme/images/social_icons/vimeo_white.png newave-theme/images/social_icons/youtube_white.png newave-theme/inline_scripts.php newave-theme/js/jquery.carouFredSel-6.2.1-packed.js newave-theme/js/jquery.easing.js newave-theme/js/jquery.flexslider.js newave-theme/js/jquery.knob.js newave-theme/js/jquery.mousewheel.js newave-theme/js/scripts.js newave-theme/sections/contact_section.php newave-theme/sections/contact_section_overlay.php newave-theme/sections/home_section.php newave-theme/sections/home_section_moving_background.php newave-theme/sections/home_section_parallax_image.php newave-theme/sections/home_section_parallax_video.php newave-theme/sections/home_section_pattern.php newave-theme/sections/portfolio_section.php newave-theme/sections/portfolio_section_overlay.php newave-theme/sections/portfolio_section_slide.php newave-theme/sections/home_section_overlay_slider.php newave-theme/portfolio-page.php newave-theme/shortcodes.php ? newave-theme/inline_scripts.php newave-theme/style.css v. 1.1.1 – 24 February 2014 ------------NEW FEATURES------------ - Custom portfolio slug - Configurable number of featured images for portfolio items and blog posts - Updated google fonts list - Configurable number of portfolio items displayed in portfolio section - Added image description in portfolio fullscreen slider ------------BUG FIXES------------ - Video place holder for mobile devices - CSS Improvements for wider logos - Minor CSS fixes ------------MODIFIED FILES------------ newave-theme/admin/functions/functions.options.php newave-theme/admin/functions/functions.php newave-theme/blog-post-format/blog-post-gallery.php newave-theme/blog-post-format/single-gallery.php newave-theme/functions.php newave-theme/include/util_functions.php newave-theme/js/jquery.mb.YTPlayer.js newave-theme/sections/portfolio_item_full_screen.php newave-theme/sections/portfolio_item_slider.php newave-theme/sections/portfolio_section.phpnewave-theme/css/navigation-style-2.css newave-theme/sections/menu_section.php newave-theme/components/shortcodes/shortcode_definitions.php newave-theme/footer.php newave-theme/images/instagram.png newave-theme/js/scripts.js newave-theme/css/navigation-style-3.css newave-theme/css/navigation-style-4.css newave-theme/style.css v. 1.1 – 17 February 2014 ------------NEW FEATURES------------ - New home section with moving background image - New portfolio options allowing setting the numbar of portfolio items columns (3,4,5) - External portfolio page template - Smooth scrolling improvement ------------BUG FIXES------------ - Fixed Upload and Remove image in Admin -> Home Settings -> Parallax and Full Slider - Minor CSS fixes ------------MODIFIED FILES------------ newave-theme/admin/assets/js/options.js newave-theme/admin/classes/class.options_machine.php newave-theme/admin/functions/functions.options.php newave-theme/functions.php newave-theme/images/collage.jpg newave-theme/images/scroll_arrows.png newave-theme/images/scroll_arrows_black.png newave-theme/js/scripts.js newave-theme/portfolio-page.php newave-theme/sections/home_section.php newave-theme/sections/home_section_moving_background.php newave-theme/sections/menu_section.php newave-theme/sections/portfolio_section.php newave-theme/style.css v. 1.0 – 13 February 2014 - Initial Release We are sure after from the success installation from this item Newave - Wordpress Responsive One Page Parallax to your website you will be very satisfied